How to Find a Job in Insurance

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How to Find a Job in Insurance

Do you have your insurance license and are able to take the industry by storm? Are you an experienced agent, adjuster, underwriter, or broker trying to find an exciting new challenge? no matter the extent of your insurance industry experience, trying to find a replacement job are often a time-consuming and regularly frustrating process. an enormous a part of the work search process is knowing where to seem for insurance positions.

Licensing is a crucial a part of working within the insurance industry. Some companies would require that you simply hold a current applicable license before agreeing to rent you, while others are very willing to help you in procuring the acceptable license(s). This requirement can even vary from department to department within an equivalent company, so it'll be necessary to see on the licensing requirement for every position when applying.

The following tips and tricks are designed to require a number of the headache out of your search, by supplying you with some guidelines on steps you'll fancy land your ideal insurance industry position.

Depending on the sort of insurance you're most curious about , visit the recruiting departments of varied insurance agencies to inquire about available positions. If there are not any current vacancies, ask if you'll submit your resume to stay on file should future openings match what you're seeking.

Contact recruitment and contract employment agencies that employment within the insurance industry. Aligning yourself with a recruiter can offer you access to jobs that are often not advertised to the general public . the good thing about recruiting agencies is that allow you to “apply” for positions at multiple companies simultaneously with one resume submittal, since most recruiters will shop your resume around to all or any of the available openings.

Use the web to your advantage. checking out “insurance”, “underwriting”, “broker”, “agent”, “adjuster” or any number of other insurance-related terms on major job boards like and will unearth many available openings – just remember that competition for these positions is stiff since many other professionals are watching and applying for the precise same jobs.

Colleges and universities often have a database of obtainable positions within the school’s Career Center. Career Center advisors also are excellent sources of data on the way to network within the industry and obtain your foot within the door. Schools that provide business, accounting, and financial degrees are especially likely to possess insurance contacts. Note though, that a lot of school limit Career Center resource access to current students or alumni.

Network, network, network! Let friends, family, and casual acquaintances know that you simply are on the marketplace for a replacement position. Since most companies are far more willing to interview (and potentially hire) candidates who have already been vouched for, it’s important to urge the word out that you simply are available and seeking a replacement opportunity.

If you aren’t deadset on working during a particular insurance field, cash in of the wide selection of positions available within the industry. Expand your job search to research opportunities in:

  • Auto insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Other sorts of business insurance (such as E&O, EPLI, etc.)
  • Life insurance
  • Home owner’s insurance

Don’t be averse to accepting a contract, junior, or “training” position. This are often an excellent thanks to get you foot within the door within the insurance industry. It also gives you an opportunity to guage a corporation and department to make sure it's a match before fully committing yourself to a long-term full-time position.

Searching insurance industry-specific job boards for available opportunities may be a good way to focus on only those jobs that within the insurance industry.

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